Hi there!

I’m Sam, and I’m a scriptwriter, actor, teacher, and also a bit of a bullet journalling obsessive…

I’ve just moved to the wonderful, sunshiny world of Brisbane, Australia; bidding a slightly tearful farewell to old Melbourne town. Prior to that, I grew up in regional NSW so a part of me is still a little bit country, and this has a huge influence on my creative work. I like writing plays about class conflicts and gender dynamics while incorporating glittery, surreal worlds with puppets and astronauts. Some of my scripts are available through Australian Plays Transform, or just contact me if you want to read something. All of the titles are available here through the ‘Writing’ tab.

I love to perform, especially if I get to do a little comedy or something silly. I’m also keen to be involved in new projects: reading scripts, helping out with workshops, or taking part in readings. Please contact me if you think I can help out in any way.

To see what sorts of work I’ve done previously, have a look at the ‘Acting’ page here on my site, or visit my IMDB page here.



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