30 Plays – Day 7

I've done the first week! It's a small victory, but I believe we should always recognise our little achievements. Below is the next part of my sci-fi theme park play. If you haven't read the other parts, and you're keen, go back to Day 5 where it all begins. I'm still excited about this script, … Continue reading 30 Plays – Day 7

30 Plays – Day 6

As promised yesterday - here it is, the next installment of my sci-fi play set in a theme park. And as I mentioned yesterday, I still don't know exactly where this is going or how it's going to develop. We're in first draft territory! Photo by Shane Aldendorff on Here's my writing for today: … Continue reading 30 Plays – Day 6

30 Plays – Day 3

I tried to write a romance!!!! My prompt for today was this image: I suspect that the laundromat setting made me think of that infamous 'Friends' episode with Ross and Rachel doing laundry, and then that made me want to write a romance. Well, whatever motivated it, here it is: my play for day three... … Continue reading 30 Plays – Day 3

30 Plays – Day 2

Today's prompt: Write a play where each character says no more than three words at a time. Yesterday I was reading 'Sweet Phoebe', which is basically about a couple desperately searching for a lost dog. But the way that it's written - frantic monologues and half-spoken thoughts - is made even more chaotic and mysterious … Continue reading 30 Plays – Day 2

Stream your theatre – watch War Horse now!

While our pandemic numbers are stilling ebbing and flowing, you may not feel comfortable sitting among an audience of theatre-goers, so streamed theatre can actually be a fantastic way to get your fix! I've been subscribing to the National Theatre at Home for a couple of months, and have already been fortunate enough to watch … Continue reading Stream your theatre – watch War Horse now!

2021: the year of ‘incoming: words of war’

What a year for this little web series that we shot in a box at the end of the 2020 lockdown! Written and directed by the phenomenal, award-winning Kerry Drumm, ‘Incoming: Words of War’ is a 6-part web series about soldiers confronting the difficulties of their lives in a warzone. The 7 characters open up … Continue reading 2021: the year of ‘incoming: words of war’